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We’d love to help, and will if possible. I tell it like it is so I’m not going to tell you something because I know that’s what you want to hear. It is what it is.



Vintage lovers know you better GRAB IT! If you don’t, you might never see another one like it again and have that awful feeling of lose because they didn’t GRAB IT! Most likely it being one of a kind and having earned its own identity from its life history. Making them extremely desirable and irreplaceable. In other words, every dent, scratch, tear, discoloration, chip and imperfection has all been achieved to establish perfection.  Acheived over the items lifetime,  and adding beauty and individuality. Vintage items are like a priceless piece of artwork, each one is very rare, very scarce and very much in demand.  GRAB IT!

Vintage means Vintage


Please ask your questions prior to your purchase, keeping in mind everyone’s opinion of art is different.  Each item is unique in form, we do not accept returns.

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